Stanly Mathew Thomas

Think Negotiation Before you Speak

We negotiate all the time. It’s an indispensable part of our lives, whatever role we take up. As a spouse, we negotiate with our partners.

Making a Change that is Pleasing and Lasting

Change is inevitable everywhere. As an old adage goes, the only constant thing in life is change. Sometimes change is voluntary for the betterment of

Virtual Piano – A Lesson to Learn

Computer and programming was my fascination from my childhood. During my 8th standard summer vacation I went for a course in NIIT for basic computer

A Fresh Perceptive: Data-Driven Software Design

There are many definitions when it comes to the phrase “Data-Driven”. In the simplest of its definition, it is an approach where “data” is emphasized

Windows Application Hung at startup

Our team was working on a Windows application after many months of iterative development and releases. The application interacted with the Industrial UPS (Uninterruptible Power

SWIG: Bridging the gap between a high and low language

C and C++ low-level languages have come through ages and stood its test against writing high performance, reliable and robust code. With the introduction of

Does UI/UX matter at all?

Often there is a perception that, if an application business requirements are given to a developer, then the developer can design and develop the application

Running an own email server

Email has become the fundamental communication means by which almost every business and corporate runs. There are lot of paid email services available from big

Anonymous call triggering in Plivo application

Plivo is a platform that simplifies how businesses integrate communications into their applications. They provides a host of services for building your own communication application.